As part of Stove Works' LAND and SEA exhibition, Two Went In explores the juxtaposition of the familiar and comfortable human-built dwelling and the inherently mysterious natural landscape that surrounds us. It is about the escape from and the inevitable return to the light of home, marked and changed. Drawing on the metaphorical connotations of the cave and the myth of the changeling, Two Went In symbolizes the trauma of puberty, sexual initiation, and the often unexplainable violence in this world. 

Featuring Walker Evans and Ella Starr

Filmed in Chattanooga's historic St. Elmo neighborhood, Rising Fawn GA, and Lookout Mountain TN

Production assistance from Dakin Cranwell, Aidan Higginbotham, Alex Patel, JD Mallory, Maggie Starr Hooper, Evie Hooper, Elyssa Harrison